Thursday, April 4, 2013

A Big Decision

I posted  on my other blog about a big decision I made this week. After much prayer and gnashing of teeth, I created a facebook page for all my creations. I was scared. to. death. I do NOT like being the center of attention. I do NOT like putting myself out there. But God gave me a way to do this with no pressure.

So, I went live with Seams to B Creations yesterday. LeLe helped me make a header and gave me a pep talk. My friends Janice and Y encouraged me. And I stepped out on faith that God would eventually give me a peace about it all.
I'm a nervous wreck this morning. It's so crazy to feel this way, but it is who I am. With time, I will relax...I hope. *grin*

When I was much much younger, I wanted to have my own shop. I wanted to sell flowers and gifts and hand made items. I never was able to do that, so in my middle age, I have been able to do something similar. I am so thankful for social media! I know it can be a big headache at times, but it has allowed so many to put their wares out there and make a little spending money.
I have no plans to do etsy. And no plans to make the page totally for sales. I can keep up with my things easier than hunting on my computer for them. It's too late to try to organize so many photos on my system.

So, I just ask that you all pray for me. I don't pray for sales, that's not really the point. I pray for peace about it, I pray that I can enjoy it, and I pray that others will be blessed by it. That might friends, is what it's all about.



Vroomans' Quilts said...

Just breath sweetie - just breath.

Linda said...

Congratulations. Sometimes the hardest step is the first one. You have prayed about it and the doors have opened. I will look for it tonight.

Still Standing said...

It takes faith to take a step out of our comfort zone. May the Lord bless your heart and effort to make him known in all that you do and create!