Wednesday, March 20, 2013

This and That

We wait impatiently for our little Klaire to arrive. Her mommy is more than ready, but the due date is not till April 13. Hopefully, she will arrive sooner than that.

LMW and I have been going here there and yonder trying to have a good time. He is at the stage where he gets bored easily so Nanna has her work cut out for her trying to keep him from getting out of control. Ha!
He's become very brave and can even climb up the tall tall slide all by himself...which I admit scares me a bit.
He has adjusted to going to sleep without his "poppie" (pacifier) and never asks for his "met mets" (blankies) while at my house. Unfortunately, he never naps at my house now either. I sure miss that quiet time but his Uncle J never took a nap either. I was a lot younger then and could deal with it better. Ha!!

I have just gotten back to sewing my ministry quilts after the holidays and preparing for Baby Klaire. It feels good.

The weather is hot then cold then hot then cold, as always in the Arkansas Springtime.

We are looking forward to SR's retirement in August. Actually counting the days now. We are so ready for this and he's tired and ready to come home. We plan to do a little traveling, but nothing major. Mostly just to places of interest in Arkansas, maybe Branson and the beach on occasion. I'm really looking forward to that!!

My friend Hillbilly Tonya is planning a quilting retreat this fall in Branson. I sure hope that happens because I really want to go. And I REALLY want to set eyes on her in live person. We've only corresponded online.

There you have what is going on in my world at present. Life is good. We are blessed.

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Vroomans' Quilts said...

My he has grown! You will have a whole new, wonderful lifestyle soon. And don't rush that wee one.