Sunday, January 13, 2013

Muddling Along

I'm having trouble with another blog post. I've not done anything interesting, not finished any creative projects, not done much at all except just work on unfinished sewing projects.

We had a big snow/ice storm at Christmas and my son worked 16 hour days for two weeks trying to get folks' power back on.

My daughter-in-law is having some issues with pain and fatigue, but the OB tells her it's normal. I'm not sure about that so we'll see how it goes. We are waiting on fabric to arrive so we can begin sewing the nursery bedding. That's going to be fun.

LMW is growing up so fast it's amazing. The things he says and does are hilarious. I haven't taken any photos lately, and I'll have to remedy that soon.

Husband is counting down the days until his retirement in August.
I'm counting down the days to his retirement in August. ;) I'm looking forward to it, but can't really tell you why. I don't really know. Just glad he doesn't have to go back to that place any longer I guess.

I'm also counting down the days until our beach trip in June. Yeah, it's a ways off, but there have been very few days when I haven't thought about it.

As cold as it's been this winter, I noticed the jonquils and irises are trying to rise up. I even saw a bloom on an iris in Hot Springs the other day. It didn't register when I saw it, but later on I thought about it and was amazed.

Valentine's day is fast approaching, but we don't do it up big around here. The most exciting thing I'll do about that is to make a February BOM.

So that's my random post for a while. I'm trying to stay current with this blog. Everyone have a great week!

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Vroomans' Quilts said...

First, love the pretty blue and silver and white look to the blog! Some days are just random, thus random blogging. I'm just relaxing with old movies and mindlessly sewing scraps from my barrels - low stress stitching after getting two challenges done.