Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Giving it Up

Noo, not blogging. Had ya going there didn't I?

I meant, I'm giving up and showing some of my Christmas decorations. Everyone else is doing it, so yeah, count me in.
My tree, stockings and wall hanging.
It's full of red, white and green. Lots of candy cane type ornaments and a few little birds. I used one of the huge ornaments from Hobby Lobby for the topper. I just turned it upside down and hot glued a dowel rod into it. It's heavy, but it works.
This is between the television cabinet and my recliner. It didn't stay this way long because LMW likes to play with the people in the village and the nativity characters.
Santa used to move around, but he decided to retire. You see the little reindeer thingy? Well, it is all the rage now, but let me show you something interesting...
My grandmother created this when I was a child. What comes around, goes around and everything old is new again. *wink* I may try to make a larger one too, since this one hangs in my sister's home. Lucky girl. We all made fun of it until recently. My sisters all made fun of me for making a smaller version of it. The joke's on them!!

On the opposite wall is LMW's little white tree and my first Christmas quilt.
This is one of my dining room walls.

It's packed full, but I like it that way.
And this is between the dining area and the living room. I painted the cheese box lid back in 1983, but I added the fun stuff to it just this year.

So, there you have the biggest part of my Christmas decor for 2012. I'm hoping to add a little more next year. My mom was famous for all her holiday decorations and the kids all loved it. I hope to carry on that tradition for this little man here.
Uh, I mean the one on the right. *grin*


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Vroomans' Quilts said...

You did scare me. Just lovely decorations with wonderful memories and meanings.