Thursday, December 6, 2012

A Fall Day Trip

No, it's not Winter just yet. I'm trying to be patient about it. I do have some Christmas "decoratings" to show you eventually, but not today.

Today is all about the day trip SR and I took to Pinnacle Mountain State Park. Most of the leaves were gone, but the ones that remained were pretty.
That is the mountain. Some folks hike up to the top, but we aren't that kind of folk. We did take a little walk down the flat path though.

Great for tenderfeet like us. Neither one of us were wearing the right kind of shoe for hiking, but we discussed going back with hiking gear and such. We even talked about trying to hike all the way around the entire base of the mountain. I dunno....we'll see. It's a tempting thought, but it's gonna have to cool down a LOT more before we seriously discuss it again.

This is Little Maumelle River.

The base trail runs parallel to the river and we walked a little way down. 

The river is really picturesque and I saw lots of turtles on rocks. Couldn't pass up the chance to take some shots of them. 

They're cute from a distance....
On we went to the....
There were some very interesting exhibits inside. Hmmmm.....I ddin't notice the snake until it was pointed out to me.....otherwise I probably wouldn't have gotten this close. Even if it IS fake.

I couldn't tell if this little guy was real until SR ran his finger down the glass and it closed its eyelid. I bet LMW would have gotten a big kick outta that!
Then up we climbed to the...
No, we didn't hike the mile Quarry Trail, but maybe another time. When we reached the overlook, this awaited us...
That's the Arkansas River.

The view is lovely handsome very nice! It was a lovely trip and one we hope to repeat.
 On the way home we stopped at a flea market/antiques and collectibles place in Benton. We love to browse for treasure and both SR and I found a little something.
This was his...
(going in his man cave)
And this was mine...
It's a bit bold, but has that mid-century modern vibe going. I have a few things in that genre and plan to put this little gem somewhere above my kitchen cabinets to bring some color into the room. Sometimes something ugly not so attractive can really add a punch to the things around it if placed just right. Keep your fingers crossed that I can do that.

Thanks for viewing my trip photos. I enjoyed the trip and sharing it with you.


Vroomans' Quilts said...

Yes, it still is Fall - lovely trip and photos.

Y said...

Thank you, thank you for sharing! I had a blast!