Friday, October 7, 2011

What I Like About Fall

Here are some things I like about Fall. They are in no particular order.

1. The Ozark Mountains in full display of Autumn's colors and God's glory.

SR and I usually take at least a day trip to northern Arkansas once a year. Don't know if that will happen this year, since we have Little Man to watch.

2. High School Football is in high gear. There was a time when I was all about Friday night football. That's when my son was playing. I'm not so much about it now, but it still stirs the memories and blood when I think about it.

 Rison High School, my alma mater and first love.
Sheridan High School, our town team now.

3. Timberfest in Sheridan. This is an annual celebration that draws lumberjack competitors from all over the country.

4. The nip to the air in the evenings and early mornings.

5. Arkansas Razorback Football. WOOO PIG SOOIEEEEE!

6. Anticipating the holidays.

What I'm not a fan of.....

The warm (hot actually) afternoon temps in south Arkansas.

Halloween. Now, don't jump on me ok? I've just never been a fan of spooky things and kids making themselves sick on candy. Not to mention all the craziness that happens in the name of  "fun", but if you are ok with it, go right ahead. You won't bother me. *grin*

The need for rain during the dry months of September, October and November.

The agonizing over what to buy for Christmas gifts. I have to start early or I wind up sick from fretting.

Now then. Tell me what you like about fall.


Vroomans' Quilts said...

I love the colors, cooler temps, fall flowers, cooking comfort foods. Not a fan of football and we don't need more rain. We don't exchange adult gifts anymore - just the wee ones and I have started on that.

Under Her Wings said...

I love fall, except for ragweed! A-a-a-chew! I like cool nights, warm days, golds and oranges and reds (which we aren't seeing yet), apple cider, pumpkins, sweet potatoes. I don't like the thought of winter approaching--brrr!

FrouFrouBritches said...

YES! All of the above. Fall is my favorite season. The only thing I don't like about fall is, like you said, the cool morning and hot afternoons. UGH! I don't have the wardrobe for that.

Hillbilly Tonya said...

I am loving fall this year. It is just beautiful. I actually love the cold mornings and warm afternoons. It's been 85ish and that is perfect to me.

I am no fan of football. Sorry. :)