Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Few Things

I know I've been quiet. Seems like day to day life is just not interesting enough to post about. Oh, I could go on and on about the boy. LMW is AWESOME and we are having so much fun with him now. But I know folks do get a bit tired of the same stuff over and over. You can only take so much when it's not your kid.

I've been doing a little bit of financial cleaning for my Mom. I'm hoping I have everything done and can put it behind me. I dreamed about her last night and it was a very very strange dream. I won't go into it, because it really didn't make much sense, but it's nice to dream about her sometimes. I used to dream about my Dad a lot. It's faded with time. Occasionally, I'll dream about him but not often. One of my sisters dreams about him frequently.

Our weather in south central Arkansas has been more like Colorado this winter. It's snowing as I type and several inches are expected. I'm hoping after this round, that the weather gets back on a normal path. The jonquils are peeping out and this time of year I am usually doing a bit of yard work, in preparation for Spring planting. I have a lot of planting to do this year.

I'm still working on the quilt for J and K. I have not been happy with some of the results and have had to 'redo' some of it. The machine quilting looks pretty bad on the back, so I am doing some hand quilting to highlight certain areas. When I finish that, I am going to rip out the machine quilting. I'm not hand quilting the entire quilt, or I would never get it done by the time they are married. There will be enough of it to keep the quilt together and make it look nice though.

For almost a year I've been in the market for an anniversary or wedding band to go with an engagement ring that is an heirloom. I spent a good part of the day yesterday shopping, going to stores in Hot Springs looking for what I want. I didn't have any luck, mainly because of the budget constraint. I wound up taking an old gold necklace to the local jeweler for trade and made an excellent deal with them. I came away with exactly what I wanted for the price I wanted. I was elated. Happy Valentine's Day to me!!!

Nothing else is really happening now. So, I'll close with a pic of LMW. I try to take at least a couple every time I keep him. His latest antics can be viewed on LeLe's blog. He was 9 months old on the 4th. Time is flying away with him.


Erin said...

i'd love to see a pic of the rings :-)
and of course we love to see lmw! especially those of us that aren't nearby!

Under Her Wings said...

Nothing like grandkids! I can't quit saying it. What about this snow we're having? One of the granddaughters has been outside already most of the morning. Have a happy Valentine's Day and just thank the Lord with me for all the little (and big) blessings of life! Gloria

Y said...

Well, that worked well. Internet or something isn't I go again. Keep the pictures of LMW coming, LOVE those. And, I section the motion for pics of the rings.

Y said...

grrr, SECOND the motion.

FrouFrouBritches said...

Congrats on your anniversary band! Do we get to see it? I wanted a pretty diamond band and a trip to Hawaii for my 10th anniversary. YEAH RIGHT! Maybe for my 25th??

Can't beleive LMW is so big!! Cutie pie!