Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Why Worry?

I have not been worried much about anything lately. Just letting life unfold as the Lord wills it. But a friend of mine expressed great worry to a group of ladies the other day and it made me think. Without divulging the reason for her worry, she shared that she has been miserable with worry about a particular matter. And that she is worrying about being worried. She KNOWS God is in control and His will is always best, but asked the burning question....how do you release the worry to God? Sort of a how do you "Let go and let God" thing. None of us could really give her any help on that, and it made me think.

Why do we worry? Those without God worry because they have no assurance He is in control. Those of us who are His children still worry. I've come to realize it is not because we fear He doesn't have the power to fix anything He wants. It's the outcome we worry about. What if He doesn't "fix" it like we want? What will be the result of the outcome? How will we deal with that result? We know and understand without doubt His ability to work it all out to good. We fear the UNKNOWN. It's human nature.

I understand completely God not allowing us to know the end result. We would be tempted beyond our ability to refrain from taking matters into our own hands. We would make choices based on the end result we saw, that would muck things up even more. Personal example:  Had I known I only have one kidney (God blessed me this way at birth) I wouldn't have considered a second pregnancy. And just look what I would have missed!

God didn't give us a spirit of fear, be fear we have. It comes from the deceiver. We just have to continue to ask for strength, and yes....patience. Even though we know that with that particular prayer comes trial. That is the way we learn patience. Important lessons are hard learned, eh?


LeLe said...

Great post. And it's also hard when you come from a family of worriers (ahem...not you, but Dad).

Michelle said...

I have, at many times in my life, been consumed with worry. Knowing full well that it was out of my control anyway, and even knowing that I shouldn't be worried about it, and having even prayed about it...I would still be overwhelmed with worry. I think it's an Anxiety disorder. :).

Y said...

Wow! That was an inspired post! Thank you. I'll be rereading it. The "patience" part made me smile. My sister and I always tell each other we need to pray for patience, but it's a double edged sword... God WILL give us something to be patient about!