Tuesday, October 19, 2010

It's Here.

Rain. Glorious, marvelous, wonderful RAIN. We haven't had any rain in weeks and weeks, months actually. I've mentioned my cedar trees that have died even with constant watering. We've wished for rain, danced for rain, prayed for rain. Thank you Lord in Heaven.

I have to admit, when the weather man said rain, I dissed him. Totally. So I hang my head in shame and say a prayer of thanksgiving.

Life has been monotonous lately. Nothing worth blogging about. But, Sunday afternoon I had the pleasure of going with LeLe and LMW shopping. It wasn't too difficult, and he was an angel all afternoon.

Yesterday I gave my mother-in-law my old laptop. She was elated. She's never touched a computer, and it's pretty daunting to her, but she's a sharp cookie and will master it in no time. I tried to be as simple as I could in my tutoring, and made a list of things for her to read over. After I got home, I kept thinking of things I needed to write down for her.  I set her up playing solitaire as a good exercise in using the mouse. She'll have it down in no time. She's very much looking forward to receiving emails with LMW photos and videos.

I've been making a list for Christmas. My children aren't that set on being surprised, so it helps to have their input on what they want. As a matter of fact, LeLe would much rather know what she's getting, and know she wants it, than being surprised with something frivolous or unnecessary. She's a very practical person my daughter.

Now, I will leave the desk, and enjoy the gentle sound of the rain, and the cool breeze blowing through my window. Ahhhhh....life is good.


FrouFrouBritches said...

I know! It was a glorious wonderful day! I just wanted to cozy up in my flannel pj's and watch TV all day. I didn't, but I wanted to. It was the most beautiful day I've seen in months! YEA!

Y said...

I'm just sitting here grinning with happiness for you! It's all good. :)