Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Ten Thought Tuesday

I got this from Lisa at Kssnnikkel. I have been struggling with posts and finding this kind of fun on another blog helps. So, I'm going to dig deep and see if I can come up with ten things going on in my life and in my mind....

1. The weather is absolutely awesome. I've had the windows open for the last two days. I'm anxious for the leaves to really start turning, so I can maybe take a day trip to Garvan Woodland Gardens in Hot Springs.

2. I've been working on Christmas presents. I bought some of the canvas bags, like I painted for myself and am trying to personalize them for gifts.

3. I have been searching for the perfect fabrics for creating decor for the baby's room. LeLe and I can find what she wants, but purchasing them is not as easy as it should be.

4. Speaking of LeLe, she has been experiencing all the symptoms of the first trimester. Especially fatigue. We are hoping that gets better in the next month or so.

5. My nephew is getting married October 24th. Getting a preacher has posed a problem, but they finally got it all lined out. I am helping host a very small family shower for the bride to be on October 11th.

6. I watch a lot of HGTV in the daytime. I've noticed that the biggest part of it has been on more than twice. Every great once in a while I'll catch something I haven't seen.

7. I paid our last installment of taxes this morning. Ugh.

8. This time of year, I'm usually planting mums and doing a little fall gardening. Being unemployed has curtailed that, due to low cash flow. Sacrifices have to be made.

9. We found out a couple of weeks ago, SR's niece is also expecting. She is due in May.

10. I had my hair cut last week. It is now layered and I've been wearing it natural without drying it. It is just curly enough to get by with that I think. I haven't tried to dry it to see what it will look like straight yet.

Nothing amazing or surprising, but I was able to think of ten things.


Lisa said...

My daughter is trying to get me a grandbaby...I'm patiently waiting. :)

Thanks for playing along with the ten thoughts. It helps me ALOT cause somedays I look at the screen and think UGH!

Y said...

We FINALLY got to open windows and doors here today! Praying for LeLe to have a breeze of a pregnancy. Bet y'all are so excited for tomorrow to get here!