Tuesday, February 17, 2009

In the Beginning.....

My first day of freedom lacked structure and substance. (Gee Whiz B_Lines, what did you expect?) What I mean to say is, I felt a bit disoriented, and was disappointed at myself. Of course it was only the first day, and I can't expect to go right into a comfortable routine in one day. Also, SR was at home with me, as he will be each Monday, and our days together never do really have a pattern. I did accomplish a few things, but found myself a little lost. This will work itself out soon I'm sure.

Today I had plans. Most of which I have been able to accomplish or will by day's end. But, others I won't, due to the 46 degree temperature and intermittent misty rain. That's ok too.

I fear I will run out of blogging material. And I don't think I'm alone as I read the blogs I frequent. I agree with Sooz that whining is boring and I hope not to sound that way in the future. And it seems that LeLe has lost her muse. Are we all grasping for anything meaningful to post? Without work issues to think on, I'm not sure my brain will come up with anything worth posting. There are only so many pictures of jonquils you can post, only so many birds to mention, (although I did see a wonderful red headed woodpecker hanging upside down on my bird feeder two days ago.)

So, as I get used to my new lifestyle, I will have to do some things to sharpen my wits and bring out the blogger in me. And please forgive me if I offend, but those "25/5/10 whatever the number is, "things about me?", well, they are not my favorite thing to do.


Michelle said...

Well, I'm glad you are enjoying your freedom. I didn't realize you had retired but when I saw a comment on your Facebook profile, I got intrigued and ventured into the land of blogger...a strange a foreign land these days. Facebook seems to take up most of my internet time!

Sooz said...

I haven't had a lot to say blog wise and I can't even find myself really enjoying Facebook that much. I mean half the people who want to be my "friend" don't really even know my new last name. So that's weird. I'm fasting from Facebook until Easter.