Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Finery

It was a beautiful day for Easter. My two babies and my son-in-law came to my house to eat lunch and we took the opportunity to take a couple of photos. J seldom gets to come and be with us. The only one missing was SR, who tried to take off for the day but was unsuccessful. I did prepare the meal last night though and he was able to take his feast to work with him.

Here are our photos.

MK, LeLe and J.

LeLe, J and me.

LeLe and MK.

Happy Easter to all. HE IS RISEN!


LeLe said...

Those turned out well! I need originals, please. :) Lunch was delish and I'm glad I got to see baby brother. Still have a mild headache though...

Alice said...

What a good lookin' couple in that last picture :)

You all look fantastic.

Sooz said...

Great pictures!

Michelle said...

*trying to sound like Grandma Willie here...."Oooooohhh. That sure is purdy!" :-)