Sunday, July 21, 2013


July 21, 2013

That's kind of how I feel in a nutshell. No particular reason, just Summertime Blahs. Not blues, cause I'm not unhappy at all. I'm kind of in a slump though.

The sunburn I received at the lake has bothered me not a little. Still have about four bad spots, but by tomorrow they should be my old self.

Can't seem to really focus on any one thing in particular. I'm working here and there on projects but have no real pressure to finish them. I do however, expect to receive quilt blocks from the ladies who donated them for the Moore OK tornado victims. Sometime this week I will be getting enough blocks for two quilts. I will square them up, sash them and quilt them. Then I will send them on their merry way. That should get me focused and moving again.

We finally received an inch and a half of rain this afternoon after not getting a drop since early June. What a blessing!!!

I decided to make a stand/cover for my new tablet pc. Found the tutorial, quilted some really cool Jason Yenter fabric and put the thing together. About half way through, I realized it wasn't a cover, it was just a stand. Harrumph!! At least it's something I can use, but I'll have to begin again with a different fabric now. :/ I want something that will protect it as well as hold it up. I've made one before, don't know how I messed up. There you go, Summer Blah. Ha!!

I have some things going on this week that don't involve sewing, but after that, I'm going to give myself a good stern lecture and get back to work. I have a LOT to do!!!

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Vroomans' Quilts said...

Summer is for enjoying the outdoors and lots of family time. There will plenty of time to quilt and sew when we are housebound.