Saturday, May 4, 2013

#3 With a Sad Face

LMW is 3 years old today!!!

 Unfortunately, he has strep. So, that's why the sad face. He tried so very hard to smile for the camera, but the little thing just feels so bad.
He began running a temp yesterday morning, and by this morning he was covered in a rash and was extremely lethargic. Thank goodness his pediatrician has a Saturday Clinic just for sick ones. Up to Little Rock we went and he tested positive for strep. We had a bit of trouble getting him to take the meds, because his throat is just so sore. But he wanted to stay with Nanna and Da, so we took him to our house, and let him have his birthday gifts.
A John Deere pedal tractor and an I Spy Quilt.
(I forgot to take a photo of it finished, but here it is ready to quilt. It turned out really nice.
So much for a fun filled birthday with a party and all the trimmings. He has been asleep all afternoon, but hopefully that will help him gain some strength and recover quickly.

Happy Birthday to my Little Man Win!! Nanna loves you!!


Vroomans' Quilts said...

Boy little guy - what a way to spend your birthday.

Y said...

Well, Win. My birthday wish for you is you're better very quickly and get those nasty old tonsils out on Friday. Then you can really celebrate! Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

He loves the quilt. We had to find a square of the Cars fabric where you could see their eyes. He wanted to know where their eyes had gone. And he told me "bees make honey and honey is yummy" when he saw the bee fabric. :)