Tuesday, August 9, 2011

For Your Dining Pleasure

Last month, my husband surprised me by spending money we shouldn't have spent, to buy a beautiful vintage dining table and chairs. Since our family has grown to seven now, and nine when my in-laws are with us, our little sixty inch round table just wasn't cutting the mustard any longer.  I was thrilled.

This is one of the chairs.

I researched online and found that they were manufactured between 1955 and the early 1960s. So, they are in pretty good condition considering their age. They were well used, but not abused. 

Don't you just love the harvest gold weave upholstery? We hated to lose it... *wink*...  but it just didn't go with the colors in our home. Pity that...*wink wink*... And here is what we did to them this weekend...

I thought I wanted a funky floral for them, and I looked at fabric until my eyes crossed. I made SR weary with, "Honey, come here!" when I was searching online. We both agreed on this fabric the day we spent in Hot Springs, just hanging out together. I'm so in love with this now, I'm so very glad we bought it!

SR is a wood grain kinda guy. And loves the look of old antiques, so there was no way he was going to go along with painting the furniture. I bought a can of dark mahogany stain and rubbed it over each chair until the worn places were a little darker, and the gunk was gone.

Here is my new vintage dining set, minus the leaf that came with it.

Now, if I could just talk him into replacing the builder grade light fixture, and purchasing a rug to go under the table, I could call this area "Done!"

Maybe not. I'm never really done. Are you?  I always second guess myself and want to change what's on the wall or some such nonsense. 


Vroomans' Quilts said...

Very pretty - and nicely redone, too. Yes, the light fixture needs to go! and a nice rug, yes.

Tonya said...

You did a great job...wow!

Under Her Wings said...

Belinda, I love the chairs and especially what you did with them. Someone in our family had those chairs at one time. I remember the pattern clearly--just can't remember who had them!

Erin said...

it's so pretty, and i love the new fabric you've used!

Y said...

The fabric looks amazing! Is the furniture Duncan Phyfe? The lines on the chairs are beautiful. I want to 'pet' them! ;D

Y said...

PS Agree...light fixture not looking your style.